Paper 102 (In-Use track)

Semi-Automatic Ontology-Driven Development Documentation

Author(s): Yevgen Pikus, Bernhard Holtkamp, Norbert Weißenberg

Abstract: Documenting a product development, e.g., creating requirement specifications, is an indispensable, time-consuming and resource-intensive activity in large organizations. A vast amount of related information often emerges across several siloing lifecycle tools, and only a portion of it is available in the post-hoc documentation. To tackle these issues in an industrial research project, we developed a semi-automatic end-to-end documentation system. Concretely, we extended a lifecycle tool integration ontology by adding publishing information, and we leveraged a standard for digital publishing for presenting lifecycle data. A pilot implementation demonstrates that the approach is able to extract distributed lifecycle data and to generate several types of documents in multiple formats. Since the system is designed to support various data sources and numerous document types, the results can be easily generalized to other domains beyond software development. We believe that this approach could trigger the change from a document-driven to an ontology-driven documentation paradigm in large organizations.

Keywords: Development documentation; Domain ontology; Linked Data; Tool integration; OSLC; Digital publishing; DITA

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