Paper 149 (Research track)

A Multi-Criteria Experimental Ranking of Distributed SPARQL Evaluators

Author(s): Damien Graux, Louis Jachiet, Pierre Geneves, Nabil Layaida

Abstract: SPARQL is the standard language for querying RDF data. There exists a variety of SPARQL query evaluation systems implementing different architectures for the distribution of data and computations. Differences in architectures coupled with specific optimizations, for e.g. preprocessing and indexing, make these systems incomparable from a purely theoretical perspective. This results in many implementations solving the SPARQL query evaluation problem while exhibiting very different behaviors, not all of them being adapted in any context.

We provide a new perspective on distributed SPARQL evaluators, based on multi-criteria experimental rankings. Our suggested set of 5 features (namely velocity, immediacy, dynamicity, parsimony, and resiliency) provides a more comprehensive description of the behaviors of distributed evaluators when compared to traditional runtime performance metrics. We show how these features help in more accurately evaluating to which extent a given system is appropriate for a given use case. For this purpose, we systematically benchmarked a panel of 10 state-of-the-art implementations. We ranked them using a reading grid that helps in pinpointing the advantages and limitations of current technologies for the distributed evaluation of SPARQL queries.

Keywords: SPARQL Evaluators; RDF data; Benchmarking; Experimental Analysis

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