Paper 155 (Research track)

A Tri-Partite Neural Document Language Model for Semantic Information Retrieval

Author(s): Gia-Hung Nguyen, Lynda Tamine, Laure Soulier, Nathalie Souf

Abstract: Previous work in information retrieval have shown that using evidence, such as concepts and relations, from external knowledge resources could enhance the retrieval performance. Recently, deep neural approaches have emerged as state-of-the art models for capturing word semantics that can also be efficiently injected in IR models. This paper presents a new tri-partite neural document language framework that leverages explicit knowledge to jointly constrain word, concept, and document learning representations to tackle a number of issues including polysemy and granularity mismatch. We show the effectiveness of the framework in various IR tasks including document similarity, document re-ranking, and query expansion.

Keywords: Ad-hoc IR; knowledge resource; semantic document representation; deep neural architecture

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