Paper 160 (Research track)

Use of Social Media and ontologies on identifying potential witness for criminal cases

Author(s): Brigite Peposhi, Edlira Kalemi, Sule Yildirim

Abstract: The big expansion of social media and the wide usage of them from intelligence agencies to investigate and solve crimes lead us to find a new perspective on the way of aggregating and processing information. In this paper we contribute on the efficiency of tools to investigate the crimes and we achieve it by using match-making and data-mining techniques. We have built a tool which will help the intelligence agencies to identify potential witnesses from social media by finding social media users that have checked-in near the same location where the crime has happened. The tool we designed and developed makes two searches: 1) searching the knowledge base (the crime ontology), where crimes are registered, so that we can search for the crimes that all occurred at a specific location, and finding the relations among these crimes; 2) searching on social media, where by using the data-mining techniques, we may find potential witness for the crime case. The tool built in this paper serves as a base for further work on the use of semantic web and ontologies on preventing and solving criminal cases.

Keywords: social media; crime solving; ontology; match-making

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