Paper 162 (Research track)

Monitoring and Executing Workflows in Linked Data Environments

Author(s): Tobias Käfer, Andreas Harth

Abstract: The W3C’s Web of Things working group is aimed at addressing the interoperability problem on the Internet of Things using Linked Data as uniform interface. While Linked Data paves the way towards combining such devices into integrated applications, traditional solutions for specifying the control flow of applications do not work seamlessly with Linked Data. We therefore tackle the problem of the specification, execution, and monitoring of applications in the context of Linked Data. We present a novel approach that combines workflows, semantic reasoning, and RESTful interaction into one integrated solution. We contribute to the state of the art by (1) defining an ontology for describing workflow models and instances, (2) providing operational semantics for the ontology that allows for the execution and monitoring of workflow instances, (3) presenting a benchmark to evaluate our solution. Moreover, we showcase how we used the ontology and the operational semantics to monitor pilots executing workflows in virtual aircraft cockpits.

Keywords: Linked Data; Workflows; Automation; Web of Things; Internet of Things; Processes; REST

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