Paper 167 (Resources track)

Frankenstein: a Platform Enabling Reuse of Question Answering Components

Author(s): Kuldeep Singh, Andreas Both, Arun Sethupat Radhakrishna, Saeedeh Shekarpour

Abstract: Recently remarkable trials of the question answering (QA) community yielded in developing core components accomplishing QA tasks. However, implementing a QA system still was costly.
While aiming at providing an efficient way for the collaborative development of QA systems, the Frankenstein framework was developed that allows dynamic composition of question answering pipelines based on the input question.
In this paper, we are providing a full range of reusable components as independent modules of Frankenstein populating the ecosystem leading to the option of creating many different components and QA systems. Just by using the components described here, 380 different QA systems can be created offering the QA community many new insights.
Additionally, we are providing resources which support the performance analyses of QA tasks, QA components and complete QA systems.
Hence, Frankenstein is dedicated to improve the efficiency within the research process w.r.t. QA.

Keywords: Question Answering; Reusability; Integration; Annotation Model; Evaluation; Model

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