Paper 179 (Resources track)

Drammar: ontological resource and prototype annotated corpus

Author(s): Vincenzo Lombardo, Rossana Damiano, Antonio Pizzo

Abstract: This paper reports about the release of an ontological resource on drama called Drammar
and a dataset of items annotated with a metadata schema based on Drammar.
Drammar has been realized through a collaboration of computer scientists and drama scholar
through a wiki platform, for the exchanging of definitional ideas and the encoding of axioms.
A corpus of media items have been encoded in their dramatic qualities through the creation
of instantiated ontologies (one per item) that have been shown to have a clear status in
document engineering.
The ontology has been applied to a few tasks, namely reasoning about characters’ emotions,
graphical display of characters’ intentions, encoding of action analysis for rehearsals.

Keywords: ontology resource; drama; metadata annotation

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