Paper 193 (Research track)

Ontological Databases with Faceted Search

Author(s): Tadeusz Pankowski

Abstract: Ontological databases merge Semantic Web technologies, mainly ontologies, with relational databases. Thanks to this, it is possible to combine the generality and flexibility of ontologies with the effectiveness of relational databases. The challenging issue is then finding methods for formulating queries in such a system by an end-user. The standard language SPARQL essentially is not devoted for end-users. On the other side, the faceted search gains popularity and becomes a de facto standard in many Web and e-commerce applications. Recently, we witness many attempts to adapt the faceted search in semantic-based applications. In this paper we describe solutions in system DAFO ({\it Data Access based on Faceted queries over Ontologies}). In a systematic way, we describe creating of an ontological database, the role of ontological schema in this system and how this schema can be viewed in a form of a faceted interface that is used to formulate faceted queries. We discuss semantics of faceted queries in first-order logic, a mapping between ontological schema and a relational schema and its exploitation in faceted query translation and execution.

Keywords: ontologies; ontological databases; semantic databases; schema mapping; faceted search

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