Paper 204 (Research track)

“We Regret to Inform You” – Managing Reactions to Rejection in Crowdsourcing

Author(s): Ujwal Gadiraju, Gianluca Demartini

Abstract: In current microtask crowdsourcing systems on the Web, requesters typically exercise the power to decide whether or not to accept the tasks completed by crowd workers. Rejecting work has a direct impact on workers; (i) they may not be rewarded for work which has actually been done and for their effort that has been exerted, and (ii) rejection affects worker reputation and may limit access to future work opportunities.

This paper presents a comprehensive study that aims to understand how workers react to rejections in microtask crowdsourcing. We investigate the affect of the mood of workers on their performance, as well as the interaction of their moods with their reactions to rejection. Finally, we explore techniques such as social comparison that can be used to foster positive reactions. Our findings bear important implications on maintaining positive interactions between workers and requesters in microtask crowdsourcing systems, thereby improving the effectiveness of the paradigm.

Keywords: Crowdsourcing; Microtasks; Rejection Sensitivity; Mood; Workers; Social Comparison; Performance

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