Paper 215 (Research track)

A study on SPARQL Endpoint measurement and Recording

Author(s): Zhang Yongjuan, Tao Chen, Dongsheng Wang

Abstract: With the development of semantic web such as semantic technologies and linked data, open semantic data sets are generally emerging, and how to organize, evaluate and pool these data is of great significance to the better use these data. The evaluation of open data at home and abroad mainly includes the field of government data, the other areas are few, the economic benefits, social benefits and other extended benefits of more evaluation, the evaluation of the data itself less, this study based on this to start the data itself Evaluation, focusing on the basic characteristics of data, semantic level and the use of three aspects of evaluation, for the development and use of semantic data set to promote and guide the role.

Keywords: Standard; Evaluation Method; Semantic E Index; Semantic Data Set; SPARQL endpoint; E-RDF

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