Paper 225 (Research track)

Navigation in Large Ontologies

Author(s): Aamna Qamar

Abstract: The ever-growing data on the Web has given rise to ontologies reaching the size of 100,000s of concept names. The tools available to manipulate and navigate in ontologies are not competent enough to handle such large ontologies. This paper discusses a new tool prototype that allows the ontology engineers to easily perform navigation and exploration tasks in large ontologies for their sense-making. The navigation tasks, like ontology summary, focusing and zooming can be achieved through search functionality that can be run with or without reasoner. For filtering and extracting modules, the syntactic-locality modularization tools are also incorporated in the prototype. The evaluations presented in this paper demonstrate the significantly positive results obtained by experimentation with real-world large ontologies on this tool.

Keywords: Ontologies; key concepts extraction; ontology engineering; Web Ontology Language (OWL); modularization; ontology navigation

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