Paper 35 (Research track)

LDP-DL: A language to define the design of Linked Data Platforms

Author(s): Mohammad Noorani Bakerally, Antoine Zimmermann, Olivier Boissier

Abstract: Linked Data Platform 1.0 (LDP) is the W3C Recommendation for exposing linked data in a RESTful manner. While there are several implementations of the LDP standard, deploying an LDP is still complex is tighly coupled to the chosen implementation. As a consequence, the same design (in terms of how the data is organised) is difficult to reuse in different LDP deployments. We propose a language for specifying how existing data should be used to generate LDP resources in a way that is independent of and compatible with any LDP implementation. We formally describe the syntax and semantics of the language and its implementation. We show that our approach allows the reuse of the same design for multiple deployments, or reuse the same data with different design, is open to heterogeneous data sources, can cope with hosting constraints and significantly automatize deployment of LDPs.

Keywords: Linked Data Platform; Design specification; Automaticc deployment

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