Paper 53 (In-Use track)

Agile data modelling for parliament(s?): using Domain Driven Design and RDF

Author(s): Anya Somerville, Michael Smethurst, Silver Oliver

Abstract: The offices that make up the UK Parliament have largely evolved independently, and over many years. Organisations with co-evolving parts are complex, making it difficult to design common data representations. At the UK Parliament, this has resulted in disjointedness in the data, internal tools, and the public website. This case study outlines our use of tools to address this problem. The approach acknowledges and addresses areas of organisational complexity and follows an agile methodology. We have had success pairing the flexibility and expressiveness of the RDF data model with domain driven design. The outcome mitigates many of the previous modelling design issues associated with parliamentary projects.

Keywords: linked data; ontology design; domain driven design; agile data modeling; parliament

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