Paper 63 (In-Use track)

An Evolutionary Methodology for Domain Specific Entity Linking in Real-world Settings

Author(s): Tayfun Gökmen Halaç, Oğuz Dikenelli

Abstract: Recently, there has been an increasing interest on entity linking which transforms text data into a higher level semantics. State-of-the-art entity linking systems rely on comprehensive knowledge bases (KB) constructed in a long period of time. But, most businesses do not have well defined KB, and therefore entity linking requires developing domain knowledge. Since enterprises have limited time to build entity linking knowledge, we claim that an interpretation of entity linking architecture that allow rapid prototyping and incremental improvement is required. The main aim is creating enterprise’s engagement to the system in short period of time and then evolve. In this paper, development of a domain specific entity linking system is investigated from the engineering perspective. An architecture and an evolutionary methodology for building entity linking applications are proposed, and a case study that explores the applicability is presented.

Keywords: entity linking; domain knowledge development; text corpus development; text classification; methodology

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