Paper 64 (Research track)

Towards a Binary Object Notation for RDF

Author(s): Victor Charpenay, Sebastian Käbisch, Harald Kosch

Abstract: The recent JSON-LD standard, that specifies an object notation for RDF,
has been adopted by a number of data providers on the Web. In this paper, we
present a novel usage of JSON-LD, as a compact format to exchange and query RDF
data in constrained environments, in the context of the Web of Things.

A typical exchange between Web of Things agents involves small pieces of
semantically described data (RDF data sets of less than hundred triples). In
this context, we show how JSON-LD, serialized in binary JSON formats like
EXI4JSON and CBOR, outperforms the state-of-the-art. Our experiments were
performed on data sets provided by the literature, as well as a production data
set exported from Siemens Desigo CC.

We also provide a formalism for JSON-LD and show how it offers a
lightweight alternative to SPARQL via JSON-LD framing (with polynomial
complexity), which makes it a good candidate as a query mechanism in
constrained environments.

Keywords: JSON-LD; EXI; CBOR; HDT; Web of Things; Internet of Things; SPARQL; RDF

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