Paper 69 (Research track)

Ham Radio Telemetry Data for the Semantic Web: Relaying APRS Messages to Linked Open Data

Author(s): Alex Stolz, Martin Hepp

Abstract: The Automated Packet Reporting System (APRS) is a popular communication protocol that essentially operates over ham radio, a radio frequency transmission service. Global cross-linkage of local radio networks is achieved by extending APRS to a hybrid infrastructure consisting of radio frequency channels and the Internet. APRS allows to broadcast information related to real-world, physical objects such as positional data (e.g. of balloons or cars), telemetry data, or weather reports. The ability to capture and maintain this data for further processing would be very useful in many application scenarios. In this paper, we describe a method to relay APRS messages to Linked Open Data (LOD). In particular, we (1) develop a domain ontology for APRS, (2) propose a real-time architecture for conversion and delivery around existing APRS servers, and (3) describe use cases for APRS data available as Linked Open Data.

Keywords: APRS; Ham Radio; Linked Open Data; Telemetry

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