Paper 71 (Research track)

Benchmarking Commercial RDF Stores with Publication Office Dataset

Author(s): Ghislain Auguste Atemezing

Abstract: This paper presents a benchmark of RDF stores with real-world datasets and queries from the EU Publications Office (PO). The study compares the performance of four commercial triple stores: Stardog 4.3 EE, GraphDB 8.0.3 EE, Oracle 12.2c and Virtuoso with respect to the following requirements: bulk loading, scalability, stability and query execution. The datasets and the selected queries (44) are used in the Linked Data publication workflow at PO. The first results of this study provides some insights in the quantitative performance assessment of RDF stores used in production environment in general, especially when dealing with large amount of triples. Virtuoso is faster in querying and loading scenario while GraphDB shows better results regarding stability.

Keywords: Benchmarking; Triple stores; RDF; SPARQL; Enterprise RDF stores

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