Paper 75 (Research track)

The Maximality of OWL-Time

Author(s): Michael Gruninger, Megan Katsumi

Abstract: Selecting an ontology representation language presents a major challenge due to the trade-off between expressiveness and decidability.
his leads to the question of the relationship between a full first-order axiomatization of an ontology and its OWL2 counterpart –
is the OWL2 ontology really the maximal subtheory of the more expressive first-order
ontology which can be axiomatized in OWL2?
In this paper we consider the relationship between OWL-Time and its first-order axiomatization as
presented by Hobbs and Pan.
We leverage previous work on the verification of the first-order axiomatization of OWL-Time
to propose a novel technique for identifying its maximal OWL2 definable subtheory.
The results show that OWL-Time is in fact not maximal with respect to the first-order axiomatization. We discuss how this approach might be applied to achieve similar results in other areas.

Keywords: ontology; OWL; first-order logic; time; ontology mapping

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