Paper 83 (Research track)

Indirect Matching of Domain and Top-level Ontologies using OntoWordNet

Author(s): Daniela Schmidt, Rafael Basso, Cassia Trojahn, Renata Vieira

Abstract: Top-level ontologies play an important role in the construction and integration of domain ontologies, providing a well-founded reference model that can be shared across domains. While most efforts in ontology matching have been particularly dedicated to domain ontologies, the problem of matching domain and top-level ontologies has been addressed to a lesser extent. This is a challenging task in the field, specially due to the different levels of abstraction of these ontologies. In this paper, we propose an approach for matching domain and top-level ontologies that exploits existing alignments between WordNet and top-level ontologies, as an intermediate layer. We evaluate our approach in the task of matching the DOLCE top-level ontology to domain ontologies from the OAEI Conference track, with the help of the OntoWordNet resource. Our manually validated results may form a baseline for an OAEI task once there is no current track involving this kind of challenge.

Keywords: Top-level ontology; Ontology Matching; WordNet

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