Paper 84 (Research track)

Is Catalonia an Independent Country? – Tracking Implicit Biases in Crowdsourced Knowledge Graphs

Author(s): Gianluca Demartini

Abstract: Collaborative creation of knowledge is an approach which has been successfully demonstrated by crowdsourcing project like Wikipedia. Similar techniques have recently been adopted for the creation of collaboratively generated Knowledge Graphs like, for example, Wikidata. While such an approach enables the creation of high quality structured content, it also comes with the challenge of introducing contributors’ implicit biases in the generated Knowledge Graph.

In this paper, we investigate how paid crowdsourcing can be used to understand contributor biases for controversial facts to be included into collaborative Knowledge Graphs. We propose methods to trace the provenance of crowdsourced fact checking this enabling bias transparency rather than aiming at eliminating bias from the Knowledge Graph.

Keywords: bias; crowdsourcing; fact checking

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