Paper 92 (Resources track)

Generation of Web pages for Public Scientific Databases Using

Author(s): Josef Hardi, Kody Moodley, John Graybeal, Michel Dumontier, Mark Musen

Abstract: While much effort in applying concentrates on popular text, such as news articles, blogs, or restaurant reviews, the scientific data on the Web have received less attention. For example, pages from public database websites (e.g., DrugBank, PubMed, NASA, NOAA) are almost never presented using This absence prevents Web search engines from applying more advanced search features, such as filtering or ambiguity resolution, to information generated by these websites. In this paper, we describe software for generating Web pages out of raw metadata used to describe scientific registries or datasets using an extract-transform-load (ETL) pipeline. With this software, data elements that can be mapped to are automatically extracted and transformed into JSON-LD and then loaded into HTML source. We also present a declarative mapping language to facilitate the data mapping in the extraction process. The result is a framework that public databases can use to publish Web pages that are semantically indexable by search engines. We show that annotating scientific data using can be done effectively using a well-defined data mapping and ETL processes.

Keywords: Semantic Content Authoring;; Linked Data; Web Technology

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