Paper 93 (In-Use track)

A LOD backend infrastructure for scientific search portals

Author(s): Benjamin Zapilko, Katarina Boland, Dagmar Kern

Abstract: In recent years, Linked Data has become a key technology for libraries, archives and museums in order to publish their data collections on the web and to connect it with other data sources on the web.
Especially, for unconnected data collections it is an easy method for connecting data collections without giving up historically grown unconnected infrastructures.
With the ongoing change in the research infrastructure landscape where an integrated search for research information gains importance, organizations are challenged with connecting their historically unconnected databases with each other.
In this article, we present a Linked Open Data based backend infrastructure for a scientific search portal which is set in between unconnected data collections and makes the links between data sets visible and usable for retrieval.
In addition, Linked Data technologies are used in order to organize different versions and aggregations of research data sets.
We present the in-use application of this backend infrastructure for a scientific search portal for the social sciences and evaluate the benefit of links between different data sources in an user study.

Keywords: Linked Data; search portal; research information; infrastructure

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