Paper 94 (Resources track)

Semantic annotation for Mineral Intelligence

Author(s): Danielle Ziebelin, Philippe Genoud, Marie-Jeanne Natete, Daniel Cassard, Francois Tertre

Abstract: The MICA Web of data platform is currently being developed in the frame of the H2020 MICA project ‘The Eu-ropean Raw Materials Intelligence Capacity Platform (EU-RMICP)’. The objective is to develop a web of data platform, integrating metadata on data sources related to primary and secondary mineral resources and providing the end users with an expertise on the methods and tools used in mineral intelligence. The system annotates min-eral resources, covers significant parts of mineral supply chains (from prospecting to recycling), taking into ac-count the environmental, technical, political and social dimensions. The platform is based on an ontology of the domain of mineral resources (coupled relative commodities, time and space, etc.). The system is coupled with a ‘RDF triplestore’, a database storing the ontologies, fact-sheets, doc-sheets and flow-sheets (i.e., specific format-ted forms) respectively related to methods and documentation, scenarios and metadata. In practice, the system is connected with eight existing European Data Platforms, and the inference engine to search, select, infer and rank the results is specifically developed for this application. The mining resources are indexed by space and time.

Keywords: Semantic Web technologie; Ontologies developed for an application; Annotated data set; Linked data; Semantic web architecture

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