In-Use Track


  • Anna Tordai, Elsevier –
  • Laura Hollink, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), NL


The Semantic Web In-Use and Industry track provides a forum for researchers and industry to discuss novel research taken to the market, or on any other relevant uptake of semantic technologies outside the lab. Submissions to the track will provide a deeper insight on the exploitation of Semantic Web technologies in different sectors. The track takes a broad view of semantic technologies including natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

Papers will be evaluated on the basis of measurable impact of semantic technologies, and on the extent to which they address real-life problems. In addition, papers will be assessed on the novelty of the techniques applied in practice, and should include an evaluation of the technology or reflect on the pros and cons of the approach.


  • Best practices and lessons learnt from the use of semantic technologies in real-world settings
  • Comparison of semantic technologies with alternative or conventional approaches
  • Industry and business trends regarding the use of semantic technologies
  • Ontology-based data access in large-scale and industrial systems
  • Cloud Computing and Mobile apps based on semantic technologies
  • Knowledge Graphs in real-world settings
  • Semantic technologies and Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing and machine reading techniques applied in practice
  • Sentiment Analysis and Social Networks in action
  • Intelligent User Interfaces and Interaction paradigms for semantic applications
  • Corporate Data and Knowledge Management over large, heterogeneous and diverse data; Semantic Big Data
  • Semantic technologies and corporate data governance
  • The use of, microformats and other open markup languages and standards
  • Security and Privacy issues in semantic applications
  • Collaborative Content Management Systems, including Wikis
  • Industry and Business Analytics solutions using semantic technology
  • Internet of Things, sensor networks
  • Applications in domain-specific areas such as Health & Life Sciences, Digital Libraries & C ultural Heritage, Media & Entertainment, Smart Cities, and Open Government


Submissions should follow the rules indicated here.

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