Milan Stankovic

Sépage, Paris, France


How to Make,
Grow and Sell a Semantic Web Start-up


Semantic Web has broken the boundaries of academia years ago, and started being used to solve more and more industry challenges. However, inducing the change towards embracing Semantic Web technologies in many domains remains a mystery. How to sell Semantic Web solutions, in competition with aggressively marketed legacy technologies? How to get old and stagnant industry players to invest in a Semantic Web future? What are the key advantages that make clients buy Semantic Web solutions? In his talk, Milan will address these questions from the perspective of his own experience in creating and growing a Semantic Web start-up in the Travel market. He will share success recipes and discuss the remaining potential for the Semantic Web to yet greatly impact the Travel Industry.


Milan got his Computer Science degrees at University of Belgrade, Serbia, and Université Paris-Sud, France. He earned his PhD in the domain of Semantic Web at Sorbonne in Paris while being actively involved in the Semantic Web international community through ESWC and WWW. He went on to commercialize his research by creating a start-up company, Sépage, that uses Knowledge Graph to offer data-analytics, targeting and personalization solutions to the Travel Industry. In 4 years time he grew the company backed by public and private funds and sold it to a travel software group.

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