Sebastian Rudolph

TU Dresden, Germany


Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web – an Ontologician´s View

With the rise of the Semantic Web and in the course of the standardization of ontology languages, logic-based knowledge representation (KR) has received wide attention from academics and practitioners alike.

This talk will present a – necessarily subjective – view on the role of KR in the context of the Semantic Web. It will make a case for rigid logical underpinnings with principled analyses of expressivity and computational properties (like decidability or complexity) of KR formalisms, but also discuss the challenges that the KR community has to address in order to ensure the ongoing uptake of modern KR technology by the wider Semantic Web public and IT business in general.


Short Bio:

Sebastian obtained a PhD in Mathematics from TU Dresden in 2006, before joining Rudi Studer’s Knowledge Management Group in Karlsruhe, where he received his habilitation in Computer Science in 2011. Since 2013, he is a full professor for computational logic at TU Dresden. Next to the Semantic Web, his main research interests comprise Artificial Intelligence (especially Knowledge Representation and Reasoning), Database Theory, NLP and others. Sebastian co-authored several textbooks on Semantic Web technologies. He recently received an ERC Consolidator Grant to support his research on the decidability boundaries of logic-based Knowledge Representation.

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